Ponderosa Mountain and Tucuran Waterfalls

Big land tour of Mindoro
Mount Ponderosa
Ponderosa is one of the highest places in the area, offering breathtaking views of the mountains, the sea and Puerto Galera Bay. It has an observation deck and golf courses.
In addition to the observation deck, you can ride the zipline, a 600-meter bungee jump over the jungle that offers incredible views.
Tucuran Falls and La Pantay
One of the most interesting places in Mindoro is Tucuran Falls.
Located in the interior of the island about 40 minutes drive from our hotel you will get into carts pulled by carabao (a species of buffalo found only in the Philippines) and ride them through the jungle over mountain rivers. At the end of the trail you'll find the incredible cascades of the Tucuran Waterfall with panoramic views of the island, where you can swim and snorkel from the rocks and enjoy a delicious barbecue.
Itinerary and program
Tour program
Departure from the hotel
The trip starts after breakfast. For more color, we use the Filipino national jeepney (homemade jeep buses) as the main transportation for this trip.
Ponderosa Mountain
Upon arrival at Mt. Ponderosa, guests will have time to enjoy the stunning views of Puerto Galera Bay (one of the most beautiful bays in the world), take pictures, and, if they wish, fly over all this beauty on a ziplane; a speedway to descend a steel rope stretched over the mountain. We recommend bringing light jackets, as the Philippine mountains can also be chilly.
Tukuran Falls
On the way to Tucuran we will make a couple of stops and briefly stop at Tamaraw Falls (the highest waterfall on the island), and take some photos at the observation deck. When we arrive in Tucuran, we take a carriageload of carabao (a Filipino species of buffalo) and ride them into the interior of the island. Once you reach the waterfalls, you will have time to buy souvenirs, swim and take pictures, after which the traditional barbecue will begin.
The way back
Fed and happy in the reverse order we first ride the buffalo back to the jeepney parking lot and then head to the hotel. On the way there will be an opportunity to make stops at local markets to buy souvenirs or fruit.
Returning to Deluna
mindoro tour
- Barbecue and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are included;
- Ziplane ride paid separately ($10).
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