Tours and Trips
Verde Island
A trip to Isla Verde is one of the best dive sites in the Philippines and probably in the world.

The Philippine Tourism Association has consistently listed Verde Island as one of the best marine protected areas in the country.
Ponderossa Mountain and Tucuran Waterfalls
Ponderosa is one of the highest places in the area, offering breathtaking views of the mountains, the sea and Puerto Galera Bay.
Tucuran Falls is one of the most interesting places in Mindoro.
Talipanan Falls and Indigenous Village
There is also a waterfall in the mountains and a lagoon a half-hour walk away. It is a beautiful place, where a picturesque path in the jungle leads, as well as the village of the indigenous people of Mindoro (Mangiana).
SPA and Filipino massage
When visiting the Philippines, it is impossible not to try the famous local healing massage Hilot - a deep tissue massage performed with pure coconut oil. Hilot helps you recover quickly from stress, relieves pain, and relaxes you.
Contact us if you have any questions
Contact us if you have any questions
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