Underwater World of Puerto Galera, Mindoro
Diving in the Philippines is famous for its uniqueness and diversity.

In Mindoro you can find 95% of the world's coral species, 12,000 species of shellfish and 1,200 different species of coral fish. For example, the Great Barrier Reef has half the number of coral species and the Caribbean Sea has 11 times less.
Macro World
Philippine diving is known primarily for its macro world, and Mindoro is a classic underwater macro. The list is endless: thousands of incredible species of hollows and other mollusks, seahorses, pygmies and pipefish, electric oysters, fire cuttlefish, frogfish of all colors and sizes (from tiny to giant), shrimp and crabs - one dive can see as many rare life forms that cannot be found in other places in a year.
Seahorses and Pygmies
Electric clams
Shrimps and crabs
Soft Corals
Rare cuttlefish
Unique coral fish
...and more
Large animals
Although Mindoro is known primarily for its macro-world, our island is also home to a large number of large wildlife: giant turtles, stingrays and eagle rays, octopuses, and very close to our hotel there is a magnificent Hibo Reef with white-tip and gray reef sharks. In addition, there is a dive site in Puerto Galera with several dozen giant oysters (Tridacna) weighing 100-120 kilograms, which is protected by UNESCO.

Also, since most of the sites have currents of one strength or another, our sites are beloved by pelagic fish species like tuna, barracuda, mackerel and others.
Sea Turtles
Pelagic fish
Octopus and squid
Giant Clams (Tridacna)
Sea snakes
Contact us if you have any questions
Contact us if you have any questions
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