Dive Sites of Puerto Galera
There are more than 50 dive sites around the coast of Puerto Galera, which will be of interest to beginners as well as to experienced athletes and techno-diving enthusiasts. Most of the dive sites in Puerto Galera are accessible from a boat that takes no more than half an hour to reach. However, a few interesting sites can also be found close to shore. The impressive underwater world of Mindoro will not leave anyone indifferent. Below you will find a description of the most popular dive spots of Puerto Galera.

More than 50 dive sites are located in close proximity to our dive center

Tamaraw Reef
At this site you can see many hard and soft corals populated by small coral fish, morays, scorpionfish, frogfish, holodermen, cuttlefish, squid, turtles, and ribbon eels.

Average depth: 14 m , maximum depth: 25 m
Giant Clam Shells Farm
Giant Clams
One of the most interesting places in Puerto Galera is at a depth of 10 meters the bottom is dotted with giant tridacna oysters (up to a meter in size). Swimming next to one of them, be careful - sensing something wrong, oysters tend to instantly slam its huge and powerful mouth, which then unclench without special tools is very difficult. Once every two weeks a special veterinarian comes down to the oysters for a routine examination. The dive site is protected by UNESCO.

Average depth 10 m, maximum depth 15 m

Monkey beach

Monkey Beach is considered one of the best diving sites on the outer side of the bay. Located near the town of Sabang, it is open to currents that can be a problem for inexperienced divers. At the same time, it is interesting for its inhabitants. There are areas of classic macro - slope covered with corals, sponges. The reef is in very good condition with abundant fish population, shrimp, clams. At a shallow depth the slope becomes very flat and ends at the rocks adjacent to the beach.

Average depth 18-20m, maximum depth 35m, possible moderate current.

Sabang Wreck

Located in Sabang Bay, the site is a plateau with the remains of three small ships at a depth of 18-23 meters. The site is interesting, first of all, because of the abundance of wildlife - seahorses, ghost fish, a variety of holodermen and other flora and fauna, quite valuable among fans of "macro". With a high probability you can meet frogfish of different sizes (from tiny to giant). In addition, this site is popular for the fact that fish feeding is allowed on it. At the end of the dive, the group comes out to a sandy clearing with sea grass, where turtles often graze.

Cредняя глубина 18 – 23 м

Alma Jane Wreck

Alma Jane Wreck

This place is interesting with a sunken thirty-meter transport ship lying at a depth of thirty meters. During this time, it is heavily overgrown with many soft corals. Tuna, triggerfish, sea snakes, batfish, barracuda, wingfish, and rockfish are found. During the dive we will walk around the ship, swim over the deck and be inside.

Average depth 28 m, maximum depth 32 m, possible moderate current

Dungon Wall

The main feature of this site is the lying 24 meters unique electric oyster (Ctenoides ales). In addition to it, many soft corals can be seen on the wall. The site is open to currents, so large pelagic life can be found. In addition, sea snakes, frogfish, and turtles can be found.

Average depth 16 m, maximum depth 35 m

Hibo Reef

Hibo Reef

Deep sea diving (25-40 meters). Just 500 meters from Deluna Dive Center is one of the most stunning and interesting dive sites in Mindoro. The reef is located along the coast and is rich with underwater life. You can find a variety of fish here: Spanish and rainbow mackerel, tuna, wahoo, stingrays. But the greatest interest is a family of large white-tip sharks (about 1.5 meters), as well as gray reef sharks, which live on this site. In addition, you can see a variety of hard and soft corals and reef fish. At times there is a strong current.

Average depth 35 m, maximum depth 40, possible moderate current

Manila Chanel

Picturesque live corals, walls up to 24 meters. Here you can find medium-sized groupers, octopuses, seahorses, and large turtles.

Average depth 22 m, maximum depth 26 m, possible moderate current


One of the most picturesque and visited places in Puerto Galera. The abundance of walls, corals, and stunning underwater landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. Here you can always see morays, tuna, flocks of barracuda and plenty of scorpionfish. As a rule, the dive begins with an alternating passage through the Hole - a natural hole in the wall, beyond which the canyons begin. It is necessary to keep a close eye on the currents.

Average depth 22 m, maximum depth 30 m, possible moderate current

Big La Laguna

Here you can see hard and soft corals inhabited by small tropical coral fish, bivalves, morays, frogfish, holodermen, rockfish, scorpionfish, and sea snakes. This place is great for macro photography.

Average depth 12m, maximum depth 20m.

Batangas Chanel

At the northeast end of Puerto Galera Harbor in Batangas Strait is a site with numerous live corals and sponges. Here you can see bivalve clams, morays, winglets, frogfish, etc.

Average depth 14 m, maximum depth 30 m

Pink Wall

An excellent and accessible place even for beginners for underwater photography and night diving - plenty of corals, sponges, coral fish, stonefish.

Average depth 14 m, maximum depth 30 m

West Escarceo

You can see corals of various shapes, lutzans, tuna, etc. Depending on the current, the dive can be both a training dive for beginners and a challenging dive for intermediate level divers. The site is popular with underwater photographers.

Average depth 14 m, maximum depth 30 m

Sinandigan Wall

Southwest of Cape Escarceo is a prominent coral formation. In addition to the usual reef fish, you can also see pellagic fish. The site is especially interesting for holodermen, of which at least 7 species can be found here.

Average depth 14 m, maximum depth 30 m

Verde Island

This place is so unique and beautiful that it deserves a separate page on our website:

Trips to Isla Verde

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