Diving in the Philippines,
Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island
with Deluna Dive Resort
Dive into the thrilling underwater world of the Philippines' official diving capital, boasting more than 50 dive sites accompanied by the 5-star PADI resort Deluna. Underwater photography for beginners is included as a gift.
Daily-diving across Mindoro and trips to Isla Verde and Anilao
Diving training from zero to pro
More than 11 years on the market
Philippines, Mindoro Island
Mindoro Island is the recognized scuba diving capital of the Philippines and one of the best diving destinations in the world.
A dive center with a perfect reputation
Since its start in 2013, Deluna has managed to host several thousand divers from all over the world, becoming one of the most popular dive centers in Mindoro.

Deluna has a status of official PADI 5 Star Dive Resort (#S29017).
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The unique underwater world of Mindoro

There are over 50 dive sites available in just 5-25 minutes by boat that will appeal to divers of all experience levels, from beginners to techno-divers.

- 50 dive sites for divers of all levels;

- 580 of 793 existing coral species;

- 12,000 species of shellfish;

- 1,200 different species of coral fish.

The Great Barrier Reef, for example, has half as many coral species, and the Caribbean Sea has 11 times fewer than in Mindoro.

The diving season is year-round.

"Macro" diving
Philippine diving is known primarily for its macro world, and Mindoro is a classic underwater macro. The list is endless: thousands of incredible species of nudibranches and other mollusks, seahorses, pygmies and pipefishes, electric shells, fire cuttlefishes, frogfishes of all colors and sizes (from tiny to giant), shrimps and crabs – during one dive you can see as many rare life forms that cannot be found in other places in a year.
Seahorses and Pygmies
Electric clams
Shrimps and crabs
Soft Corals
Rare cuttlefish
Unique coral fish
...and more
Large animals
Although Mindoro is known primarily for its macro-world, our island is also home to a large number of large wildlife: giant turtles, stingrays and eagle rays, octopuses, and very close to our hotel there is a magnificent Hibo Reef with white-tip and gray reef sharks. In addition, there is a dive site in Puerto Galera with several dozen giant oysters (Tridacna) weighing 100-120 kilograms, which is protected by UNESCO.

Also, since most of the sites have currents of one strength or another, our sites are beloved by pelagic fish species like tuna, barracuda, mackerel and others.
Sea Turtles
Pelagic fish
Octopus and squid
Giant Clams (Tridacna)
Sea snakes
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No certificate yet?
We care about the quality of training. Our instructors have extensive diving experience and are true professionals with many years of experience.

Certificates of PADI trained divers will be recognized anywhere in the world.
Trips and tours
A trip to Isla Verde is one of the best dive sites in the Philippines and probably in the world.

The Philippine Tourism Association has consistently listed Verde Island as one of the best marine protected areas in the country.
Ponderosa is one of the highest places in the area, offering breathtaking views of the mountains, the sea and Puerto Galera Bay.
Tucuran Falls is one of the most interesting places in Mindoro.
There is also a waterfall in the mountains and a lagoon a half-hour walk away. It is a beautiful place, where a picturesque path in the jungle leads, as well as the village of the indigenous people of Mindoro (Mangiana).
When visiting the Philippines, it is impossible not to try the famous local healing massage Hilot - a deep tissue massage performed with pure coconut oil. Hilot helps you recover quickly from stress, relieves pain, and relaxes you.
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