Entry rules to the Philippines and coronavirus restrictions
The Philippines has almost lifted the restrictions related to COVID-19. However, there are some requirements to keep in mind when entering the country

(updated 03.01.2023)
Entry requirements for tourists

1) Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry;

2) A certificate of complete vaccination from any country, with a vaccine recognized by the Philippines (any WHO recognized vaccine).

The certificate is not required for children under 12 years of age when accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

Vaccination must be completed - this is two shots of two-component vaccine or one shot of one-component vaccine.

At least 14 days must have passed since the last shot, otherwise it will not count, and with it the entire vaccination. And there must be at least 15 days between shots of the two-part vaccine.


Antigen Test taken 24 hours from the time of collection to departure (from the starting point of departure if multiple flights in transit). The Antigen Test is valid if taken within 24 hours of swabbing BEFORE departure from the starting point of departure, even if several flights are in transit. If there was a departure from the transit zone (and stamped in the passport) - you need to take the test again.

Rules of entry on the official resource:

4) Special QR-code. To get it, you must fill out the electronic form "eArrival Card" ( no earlier than 3 days before departure. The presence of QR-code is almost always checked by airline employees at check-in, without it they will not let you on the flight (for children also need to be filled out).

5) A paid return ticket or a ticket to a third country (may be checked by the airline upon landing, may be checked on arrival in the Philippines). The ticket must be within 30 days of arrival.

6) Hotel reservation for at least one day on arrival.

What is a full vaccination?
A full vaccination is two shots of a two-part vaccine or one shot of a one-part vaccine.

Last shot/component was given more than a year ago, and the certificate from the State Services has expired. Will I be allowed on the flight?
There is no official requirement for maximum vaccine expiration date. If vaccinated more than a year ago, you do not need to renew. A booster dose is not required.
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